“You know these things—now do them! That is the path of blessing.”
John 13:17 (TLB)

These words of Jesus spoken to his disciples are a reminder that being a Christ-follower is about more than acquiring knowledge. It is also about putting into practice what we’re learning. Small groups provide a context for pursuing the intellectual discipline of knowing Christ together with the practical discipline of living like Christ, in community with others.

At First Baptist Small Groups are:

Groups decide for themselves where and when to meet. There is no “teacher” and no “classroom”, but rather a community learning and doing together.

2.    OPEN
Reflecting the heart of God that all come to know Christ, new members may join groups at any time.

3.    SMALL
Groups should be anywhere from 5 to 15 people in size. Once a group has more than 15 members, the group should discuss splitting into two groups.

Groups will be formed in the fall and winter for 13 week terms (meeting weekly for 13 consecutive weeks), and optionally for a shorter summer term. Members are welcome to continue in the same group for multiple terms, or to try different groups, but each commitment is only for a single term.

Groups pursue four specific purposes:
i.    Bible Study - Groups will be provided discussion questions based on the sermon preached at First Baptist for that week. The questions will explore interpretation and application of the passage that was preached on Sunday.
ii.    Community – Groups will get to know each other through informal fellowship during regular meeting times, and will support, encourage and pray for each other both during and outside of meeting times.
iii.    Growth – Groups will employ an “open chair” mentality, continually discussing and praying for individuals and couples that could be invited and encouraged to join the group.
iv.    Service – Groups will discuss and carry out at least one group service project each term. The group will together identify and seek to meet a need (either in the church or in the community) in the name of Christ.

If you have questions about Small Groups at First Baptist, contact Pastor Brian.